Kerry and Dan’s rustic, quirky wedding

Just a couple of weekends ago, I got the pleasure of attending my friend Kerry’s hen do and it was amazing. We played lots of silly games, partied and sang our hearts out at Lucky Voice. On the last day a bunch of us hens wanted to get a tattoo to remember the awesome weekend. We decided on a teeny tiny heart tattoo in different styles unique to each person. I was incredibly excited for Kerry and Dan’s big day, and a little scared of the hangover that was sure to follow, it was an open bar!


This was such a fun project to work on. I wanted to try out a new printing supplier and they were really happy to be my guinea pigs. Their wedding was a beautiful rustic, quirky day, with rock n roll music, an open bar and lots of personalised goodies. I really wanted to add to their day by creating something fun and which would make them and their guests chuckle.

So what did I create for this amazing couple… TATTOOS! I created temporary tattoos for all the friends and family and I created a sign to go with them that fit into their wedding theme.

On the big day it was an absolute scorcher! We were absolutely melting so I worried a little about them staying on, but they worked very well. When I spotted the first people to be wearing the tattoos I was sooooo excited! I couldn’t help but take some friends to get their own too and they were adorable!

They might not be to everyone’s taste but for Kerry and Dan these are perfect!

Here are the designs!

Here are a the concepts mockups. I wanted to show them off as they might be displayed on the day. In the end we ended up printing these on A4 strut cards so that they stood up by themselves. These were placed in the girls and boys bathrooms, so they could be easily applied with water.

Let us not forget!

Making these tattoos for Dan and Kerry’s wedding was such a treat. I was so happy to be putting something together for my good friends and it was really fun creating something new.

If you’re interested in your own bespoke tattoos or something that I don’t have on the website please don’t hesitate to get in touch. I am always up for a new challenge especially when it means making a wedding extra special.

And let’s not forget…

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