National Wedding Show

Last weekend I attended London’s National Wedding Show for the first time. It was AMAZING! There are some many amazing and talented wedding suppliers in the UK. Through out the day I tried to take pictures of things that I thought were absolutely fabulous. Here are a but a few of the talented people I met over the weekend…


First up is Amie Bone Flowers. Oh. My. Gosh. Their stand was absolutely mind blowing. They had worked exceptionally hard over several days decorating their stand head to toe with beautiful flowers. Also can you spot the fairy in the picture above? Her dress and headpiece was stunning.


Next up is the extraordinary Caroline Arthur. Caroline has been designing and making dresses for many years, she has a real passion for weddings. The dress above just shows how beautiful and unique her dresses can be. She has an fantastic app available on her website, which is very easy to use to design your own wedding dress. Once you’ve designed your dress you can very simply send it onto your friends/family or send it to Caroline’s team to book an appointment.


The National Wedding Show catwalk was gorgeous. My favourite part was watching the above ballerina dance down the catwalk, although there was a very cheeky dance by the two “grooms” as well which you can find on my facebook page along with a couple of videos from the catwalk.


Lavenders of London had such a cute stand which was absolutely stuffed with little ideas and inspirations for wedding decor. I especially loved the centerpieces. I am very tempted to order one just to sit on my dining table!


Le Papillon Patisserie, based in Woking, these guys did an amazing job. The cakes were simple but beautiful. This ombre cake in particular was my favourite. I loved also that they has some samples to taste which were delicious!


On the Sunday, I couldn’t help but relax with the lovely Rock N Roll Bride magazine and try to take in all the inspirational companies that I’d seen over the weekend. I also may have had a little go at the Rock N Roll Bride / Crown and Glory Flower Crown! Which was amazingly fun and I am in love with it!


More photos from The National Wedding Show

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