Plymouth modern calligraphy workshop

Over the weekend, I had a rare free occasion in which I got to attend Anon Design’s modern calligraphy workshop in Peverell, Plymouth. It was so much fun! I often dabble with calligraphy in my spare time. As a digital designer it is nice to put pen to paper every so often.

As I’m sure you have found, there are 100s of YouTube guides/tutorials on how to write calligraphy. There are also 100’s of blog posts and suggestions on equipment. For me I’ve found it very overwhelming. There is almost too much information freely available! So attending the course over the weekend was incredibly helpful. It was great to have one on one help with the issues that I was having, instead of having to trawl through websites to find and test answers.

A problems I’ve also had in the past is, what equipment to use. Some calligraphers use ink, some use crayolas and markers! I have learnt that it is all down to practise and patience. In the workshop we used a pen holder, nibs and ink. This was new as I am used to using cartridge pens. I have always thought it might be quite frustrating to have to dip the ink. But it lasts longer than I expected and was very satisfying.

I have definitely caught the bug. I’ve bought quite a few metallic inks to play around with and when it arrives I’ll definitely take pictures.

The course I attended in Plymouth was a fantastic location for me, as I’m based in Plymouth, and it was easy to find on eventbrite. I’m definitely going to attend the next stage workshop.

Next time…

Next time I attend a workshop I will prepare some fun calligraphy words or quotes to practise whilst under supervision. We had a little bit of free time at the end to practise words, and my mind went blank! I couldn’t think of one thing to write. In the end I wrote family member names and things around me! Keep an eye on my instragram page for more scribbles!

Why should you attend this Plymouth workshop?

The other attendees were photographers, wedding coordinators and brides. If you’re a bride I highly recommend attending a calligraphy workshop, you could take a couple of your bridesmaids with you. This would be so much fun as a hen event and you could sign your wedding invitations or envelopes with beautiful calligraphy writing.

modern calligraphy plymouth modern calligraphy plymouth modern calligraphy plymouth modern calligraphy plymouth

The modern calligraphy workshop I attended was by the talented Anon Design team.

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