Wedding themes galore

What are your wedding themes?

Seeing Pippa Middleton in her beautiful wedding dress today, has reminded me of how many wedding theme ideas my amazing husband and I came up with. My husband is an amazing man. He has now been with me through the births of our children, moving house (twice), buying Silver Deer and all my crazy middle of the night brainfarts (ideas). This was all after we got married, prior to us getting married he had to put up with my huge lists of wedding themes and ideas.

When we got married, we had so many wedding themes in mind, crazy, fun, elegant. But due budget, logistics and trying to include a bit of tradition, we put the craziest ideas to the side. Some of the wedding themes and ideas were:

  • getting married on a pirate ship,
  • steampunk wedding attire,
  • beach wedding,
  • tattoo parlour wedding full of henna and press on tattoos,
  • 50’s wedding
  • gothic wedding in a castle and
  • also a woodland wedding theme!

Oh how I would love to have another day to party with him and all our family and friends.

Ever since we got married in 2012 weddings has still been a part of my every day. I still followed all the companies that I used or found inspiration from during planning our own wedding. Now that I have acquired Silver Deer, I am constantly coming up with new wedding stationery themes and dreaming of how they could be styled on someones big day.

Our final wedding themes

Our final theme decision was to go for an elegant wedding with beautiful 50’s inspired bridesmaids dresses and lots of sweets and cake! The tables were named after our favourite sweets and we had a sweet table to nibble from.

wedding themes

so many wedding themes wedding themes wedding themes wedding themes wedding themes

The unintentional wedding themes

Looking back on the day there was another wedding theme that crept up without us initially noticing. Peacocks!

  • Instead of having a bouquet, the bridesmaids and I had peacock feathers.
  • The church had a peacock logo and a few bits of decor.
  • The reception venue had ACTUAL peacocks wondering around!

All coincidental but very cool.

wedding themes wedding themes wedding themes

I’d love to feature your wedding on my blog, crazy or traditional. I’d love to create a place which can inspire other people to go for their dream wedding! Just email me on or check out our facebook page for inspiration

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